April 2015 Newsletter from Associated Professional Hypnotherapists 

Hello Again,

2015 sees the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Alice has such a lot of adventures with lots of queer characters and animals, and maybe there are lessons she learns that will help us in our lives. For instance, crying too much will immerse you in a pool of tears! Do try to read this book again. You will laugh!

April sees the start of the Election Campaign and we will hear lots of policies and criticism from the parties this month. Don’t forget to register to vote and choose the party or politician who will best represent you and your loved ones. You have a choice! Nearly always in life we do have a choice, so don’t be paralysed by fear or indecision. Harry Truman, the American President, said “We can only be wrong fifty per cent of the time!”

Is it like I’ve seen on TV?

No! Hypnotherapy is not like Stage Hypnotism! You are in charge, and cannot enter a trance unless you want to. Our job is to help you to experience a trance, and make positive suggestions to your unconscious mind while you are there. You will not act on the suggestions unless they are acceptable to you. You cannot be made to do things against your will.

Experience an Hypnotic Trance Free of Charge during April!

If you would like to try Hypnosis, call us to arrange a free fifteen minute trial session this month.

Be Yourself!

Standing in a newsagents’ the other day, I was horrified to read the headlines on the covers of women’s magazines. They all seemed to have articles on being skinny, eating weird diets, altering your face, and other horrible stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in wanting to look and feel good.

You don’t need diets or surgery to look and feel good. Take regular exercise, eat healthily, and smile. You’ll look beautiful!

If you would like to discuss your weight or your self-image, do give us a call this month. Consultations are free!

Have a great April and Happy Easter.



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