10 Things to Change for a Happy February!

I’ve learnt some important lessons that help me feel happy. I hope they help you too.

1.       You may not be perfect, but you are just perfect enough.

Stop beating yourself up, and punishing yourself for your failings. You are perfect enough to be loved and needed.

2.       You are what you eat and drink.

If you eat rubbish, you will feel like rubbish. Change to fresh food and vegetables

3.       A little exercise goes a long way.

Even a few minutes walking helps me to feel better. Grab some time to get going, no matter how brief. Every bit of exercise will help.

4.       The past is another country.      

Who said that? Living with your memories is depressing. Live in the now and enjoy the moment. Seek help if memories are hurting you.

5.       Make time to plan. 

Time seeps away and you are always rushing? Stop, and take some time to plan your week or month. You will be surprised at how much more time you have. 

6.       Make some time for you.

Don’t feel guilty for taking time for relaxing or reading. You cannot help others if you are always exhausted or ill.

7.       Change the record.

Whose voice do you hear in your head, nagging you and putting you down? Is it you, your Mother, or someone else? Move the voice out of your head and into your hand. Change the voice to a cartoon character. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Now ignore it. Tell yourself you are doing well.

8.       Remember being happy.

Choose a time and place when you were happy and safe, and go there in your mind. See it, hear it, feel it, smell it and taste it. Make it big and bright. Go there in your head any time you need to feel good.

9.       Smile!

A smile changes your mood, even if you feel sad. Try it, it works!

10.   Laugh!

Laugh even if you fake it. A few moments laughing and you will feel good. Try it!

I hope there is something useful here for you to use. Give me a ring if I can help further.

Best Wishes


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