September 2015 Newsletter

Hello Again,

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend, and were able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Our New Shop.

We now have a new shop on Facebook, where you can book therapy sessions online. We will contact you after your booking to arrange a suitable date and time for you. See the menu to go to the shop.

Some People are a Pain in the Neck!

You know the sort I mean; after a few minutes talking  to them you can feel the tension building up in your neck and shoulder muscles!

To get rid of that feeling, close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few moments.

Feel Good Tips

Walking around in bare feet can help you to feel more grounded and alive. If the blues come on you, get out of that chair and do something.

The latest craze for adult colouring books illustrates what most of us have known since childhood. Doodling on a bit of paper seems to help you be more creative and laid back. Be careful, though, you might get addicted to doodling!

Losing Weight this Autumn?

Whatever you do, don’t restrict your diet. Health professional all agree that restrictive diets make you fat!

Do let me know if I can help in any way, or just call or e-mail to let me know your news. We love hearing from you.

Best Wishes



We can arrange consultations by phone or by Skype if you cannot come to us. Home visits can be arranged. 

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