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 August 2014 Newsletter from Associated Professional Hypnotherapists

Hello Again,

I am writing this during a heavy period of rain after a golden July, so let’s hope there is still some mileage in the Great British Summer! I hope you manage to enjoy some down time this month, even if you are not on holiday.

You will notice that we have changed our e-mail address. Please put us in your Contacts Folder:


And delete the old address.

If you are booked for a holiday flight this month, and feel nervous about flying, why not book for an EFT Tapping Session to defuse any fears. Many people dislike being strapped in a seat for hours, with no firm ground underneath them. Thousands of people all around the world have used tapping to clear away these emotions, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Successful students will be looking forward to going to University or College this autumn. Some of you will have fears about your ability to cope with a new social environment. Hypnotherapy can help with low self-esteem and social phobia, replacing the negative thoughts with new positive ones. Give me a call to discuss these issues.

You can save £20 off any therapy session booked during August by picking up a Free Voucher at Herbert Lewis Department Store in Chepstow High Street.

Finally, so many people find it difficult to sleep nowadays. Here are a few tips if you are one of them.

1.       Check your bed and pillows. Is it time for a new one?

2.       Try to establish regular times for sleeping and rising.

3.       Alcohol tends to help you sleep in the short term, but as the night wears on you may wake as your body deals with it.

4.       Avoid coffee and tea before bedtime.

5.       Too much fluid in the evening guarantees that you will wake to urinate.

6.       This is not the time to worry. Make a note of any actions needed, and leave it till the morning.

7.       Relaxation is the key. As long as you are resting, and daydreaming about pleasant things, your body is getting the rest it needs. Just imagine, in your daydream you can meet George Clooney, be a billionaire with a yacht, score a goal at the Cup Final, and in fact do anything you want!

 Enjoy yourself this month.



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