I Don't Want To Get Old!

Staying young is a choice that you make. Here are a few thoughts about how to age slowly.

1.       What are you doing today? Do you have a hobby or something you are very interested in? Get started now on some interest that will keep you keen. There are lots of courses available locally or on the internet. Learning something new keeps your brain from decaying.


2.       What are we put on this earth to do? Are we giving anything to our neighbours or community? Are we a part of anything? Maybe we should join a club or a church and be a part of some worthwhile enterprise.


3.       When did you last do some exercise? Regular exercise, even 30 minutes of casual walking, will pay dividends in keeping you young and your body in shape. First thing in the morning is the most beneficial time to exercise, so that the effects last throughout the day. Enjoy the summer while we have it!


4.       What are you eating and drinking? Do you take responsibility for your health and welfare? Start reading newspapers and magazines for good articles about food and drink. Have you tried Matcha Green Tea yet? If so, do let me know if you felt any benefit. Tomatoes fight cancer, and the more colours your salads have, the better.


5.       Are you lonely? Keep in touch with your family, friends and acquaintances, or your town or village. It’s easy these days with the internet and social media. If you haven’t tried Skype, it could change your life. Laughter is so good for you, because it makes you draw in oxygen, so try to laugh every day.

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