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Hypnotherapy Can Help You......

Feel less Anxiety

Sleep Better

Address Bedwetting

Lose Weight

Stop Smoking

Manage Stress

Perform Better at Sport

Feel More Confident

Perform Better at Public Speaking

Manage Irritable Bowel.

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September 2014 Newsletter from Associated Professional Hypnotherapists.

Hello Again,

I write this as we are enjoying an “Indian Summer” with gorgeous weather.  Just the thing to shorten the winter!

On holiday in West Wales I was reading one of the many health and beauty magazines for sale. This gave me a good idea about that people want. The question is, can Hypnotherapy and other Complementary Therapies help you achieve what you want?

If you are looking for Magic, Spiritual Fulfilment, Enlightenment, and Love, you may be disappointed!

If you are looking for Health, Relaxation, Sleep, Less Stress, to Lose Weight, to Give Up Smoking, and less Pain, we may be able to help!

We would very much enjoy a Free Consultation with you so that we can understand what you want. We could then offer a combination of helpful techniques to suit you.

Iridology lets us theorise about your future health and recommend any changes of lifestyle that may be needed.

Meridian Psychotherapy teaches you to tap into your body’s energy system to encourage improvements in your emotions and feelings.You can learn to do this at home or at work.

Hypnotherapy allows you to re-programme your unconscious mind to work towards what you really want.

Call us today or send an e-mail and we can make an appointment for you. There is no obligation on you to book treatment after the consultation, and it costs you nothing.

Have a Great September!


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